Abraham Hsu

Full-Stack Web Developer


Color Legend:

Front-End Tech Back-End Tech 3rd Party APIs


Landlord rental management web app
HTML CSS Bootstrap Javascript EJS templating Mongoose MongoDataBase NoSQL Express Node Bcrypt Heroku


Vegan pop-up shops finder. Worked in an AGILE environment with a team of 3.
React HTML CSS Javascript Mongoose MongoDatabase NoSQL Express Node Bcrypt Google Passport OAuth WebSockets Heroku Google Maps API Google Geocode API
devcon picture


Small social network for Developers
React Redux Bootstrap HTML CSS Javascript MongoDB JSON Web Tokens ExpressJS NodeJS Bcrypt

Let's Play!

Board game enthusiast's website. Worked in a team of 2. Lead front-end React engineer.
React Javascript Bootstrap HTML CSS Python Flask PeeWee Bcrypt Heroku Board Game Geek's API

Fluffy Egg Bun

Used WordPress to deploy this website.
Wordpress CMS HTML CSS

Film Scout

Mini "AirBnb" for film locations.
React AntDesign Javascript HTML CSS Firestore


Live E-sports betting website built in 1.5 days during AT&T's Hackathon. Worked in a team of UI/UX designers and developers.
React Javascript HTML CSS Node Express